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Quality Cleaning Service

ALPA Cleaning Services


ALPA Cleaning Services is a locally owned and operated cleaning & restoration business that provides residential & commercial cleaning services throughout eastern Massachusetts.


We are a team of experts in residential & commercial cleaning that provides comfort and convenience, with a focus on the health of our families, communities, and the public's health at large. Our goal is prioritizing excellence & our clients' satisfaction in the services we provide, while ensuring the safety of all people and our environment.


ALPA's services are focused on meeting your cleaning and hygienic needs for your personal residence, place of work, or place of business.


ALPA is committed to providing eco-friendly & safe cleaning services that will make your family, pets, workers, customers & clients feel satisfied.

ALPA is uniquely equipped to assist your business in meeting the standard requirements set by local & state public health agencies for any businesses.

With flexible scheduling options, you can easily schedule your residential and commercial cleaning services on your time & schedule: with daily, weekly, biweekly, and/or monthly options!

Call us today and let us do the clean job for you!

About us

We strive to exceed your expectations and always rely on our core competencies:


- Service

- Consistency

- Transparency


We know developing trust takes time and we believe working on these competencies is the way to earning yours!

How can we help you?

Here are some of the services ALPA provides it Clients:

Commercial Cleaning:

- Janitorial Cleaning

- Walk-In Freezer & Cooler Cleaning

- Carpet & Floor Cleaning

- Carpet Color Restoration

- Ceiling Vents/ Covers Cleaning

- Shelves and Overstock Storage Cleaning

- Organization and Cleaning of Merchandise Storage 

- Restroom Cleaning

- Mirrors & Interior Window Cleaning

- Water Fountain Cleaning

- Kitchen & Equipment Cleaning

- Utility Closet Cleaning

- Trash Compactor (Walls) Cleaning

- Exterior Garbage Corral

- Post-Construction Cleaning

Residential Cleaning:

- Carpet & Floor Cleaning & Polishing (including stairs)

- Carpet Color Restoration

- Home Organization

- Tile & Grout Cleaning

- Window Cleaning

Here are some examples of ALPA's Commercial Business Clients:

1. Convenience/ Retail Stores

2. Pharmacies

3. Restaurants/ Eateries

4. Offices/ Banks

5. Hair Salons/ Barber Shops

6. Liquor Stores

7. Gymnasiums/ Recreational Centers

8. Markets/ Grocery Stores

9. Construction Sites


House Cleaning


Get $100 OFF your 2nd weekly or biweekly cleaning when you receive your 1st cleaning!*

*Rules apply

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